As a company Data Design aims to the research, analysis, production, import systems and computer software and marketing them. Imports, exports, representations and marketing of high technology and telecommunications.

The software developed by the company is mainly towards the medical field, and covers both the purely scientific side, and the economic.

The entry in the medical field began with the full computerization of the Maternity Clinic IRA, starting with the network installation for the accounting department of the clinic to cover the inpatients needs. In 1990 the network was extended to all the departments of the clinic while workstations were installed on all floors, in order to decongest the accounting department, from where the patient charges were being handled. In between an application was developed for monitoring outpatients.


In 1990 Data Design undertook the computerization of the medical center EUROMEDICA which was completed and functional in 1991. Since 1992 Data Design undertook the computerization of other medical centers (MEDICHECK, POLIDINAMO etc).

With the expansion of EUROMEDICA and the creation of central medical laboratories, Data Design developed an application for online management of results, through Hellas Com, with the laboratories of the medical centers.


In 1995 and with the release of Windows 95, the company aims towards on developing client server applications using 4th generation programming languages. The first product released is Genesis, suitable only for Obstetricians, and Gynecologists. Afterwards being developed, applications for other specialized medical fields.


In 1997 as a subcontractor of Delta Pliroforiki the application Accreditation was developed for the 6th World Athletics Championship which was accredited by 16,000 people in less than 3 minutes per person, and notified by all foreign participants (Minimum time at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, 20 minutes). The application was developed with Centura and used SQL Server 6.5 as a database, installed on a NT Server which they had access to using leased lines, 43 workstations in various parts of Athens. With this application, was accredited in two World Championships Riding, sports conferences, the global and Pan-European Weightlifting Championships in 1999 and 2002 respectively.


In 1998 the medical application Profil Flash is released for handling the management of the non-laboratory examinations. Given notice towards the digitizing of images from medical equipment, the direct entry in the medical records of the patient and their printing on plain paper, resulting in significant decrease of cost expenses. Additionally an interface is developed for all devices with use of a TWAIN driver, for direct transfer of external data in the patient’s records.


In 2000 the development of Diagnosis and IasisNet begin, a series of integrated client server applications to fully meet the requirement needs of medical centers and clinics. In January 2002 gradually begins its installation in 18 medical centers of the health organization EUROMEDICA throughout Greece, with more than 400 users. All the medical centers consist of a network WAN (Wide Area Network) on an individual file server with use of a common database.

Communication is ensured by using a VPN network service between the central server and remote terminals.
To ensure the continuous and smooth services on a 24 hour basis, a cluster server system was installed that consists of two servers using quadruple processors with a main memory RAM of 8 GB. The storage space consists of 12 RAID optical disk drives total capacity of 780 GB.


The longtime experience and continuous involvement in the medical field, has made Data Design one of the most reputable companies that can provide comprehensive and integrated solutions starting from an infirmary to large medical centers and clinics.
Data Design has a strong presence in the IT field and continuously evolves, emphasizing the high quality of its products, the highly trained staff and finally to cover the computerization needs of its customers.


Data Design employs staff in Athens and Thessaloniki, all University graduates with an IT degree.


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